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What Digital Marketing & SEO For HVAC Companies Can Do For Your Business?

Here are three key reasons why your HVAC business can benefit from specialized Marketing  and SEO service.


More Leads

If you're sitting around waiting for the phone to ring, you're wasting time that could be spent making money. Lead generation is the first step towards getting paid, so you need to increase the number of phone calls you're getting from prospective customers. With Digital Shift's proven process for contractor SEO optimization, you can stop wishing the phone would ring and get down to business doing the work you enjoy.


Competitive Advantage

Your competitors are using contractor SEO — and every time their SEO strategy is successful, they score a new revenue opportunity that could have gone to you. The only way to remain competitive as a contractor is to use a superior process and work with specialists who understand your industry better. Digital Shift has the right strategy, developed over years of working on SEO for contractors, to leave your competition in the dust.


Increased Brand Awareness

The obvious benefit of increased brand awareness is more clients, but it goes beyond that. When a potential customer asks their friend or neighbor who they recommend for a contractor, you want your name to pop into your head. Raising awareness of your brand through contractor SEO practices helps local customers who are just beginning the process of shopping around for contractor services to find and remember you — and when it comes time to make a purchase decision, you'll be the one they go to.


How HVAC Company SEO Can Help Your Business Rank Higher In Search Results?

You know your gutter cleaning and pressure washing business is the best in the area. So do we! The hard part is getting Google to learn that your company should be recommended before the others in your industry. To do this, you’ll need to create a strong gutter cleaning SEO campaign.

Successful SEO campaigns will do two important things for your business:

  1. Help you appear at the top of the local search engine results page (SERP)
  2. Identify your business as the main authority and expert in your field

These two factors will help potential customers looking for a gutter service provider in your area to find your business right away. In fact, when someone searches for a local business on their phone, they end up contacting the business by phone or in person nearly 90% of the time. Imagine how much your business could grow if you appeared at the top of the search results on their phone


Do You Really Need Digital Marketing & SEO For Your HVAC Company?

Any pressure washing business owner who is interested in achieving long-term, sustainable growth needs search engine optimization (SEO) services. The days when a company could rely solely on an archaic marketing style such as print advertising are gone. An effective SEO strategy from an experienced digital marketing agency such as Digital Shift will get you much further than traditional marketing methods, and you'll be able to build on that success year after year to keep your phone ringing with calls from new clients.

Have you ever Googled search terms such as "pressure washing + your city" only to find that you have to scroll past five or six of your competitors before you find your power washing company website URL? Or much worse, do you have to click over to the second page of results before you find your site? A comprehensive SEO strategy will give you the boost in search rankings you need to outrank your competitors and appear near the top of the results for local search queries.


Are You Ready To Give Your HVAC Company a Boost?

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Do You Want The Benefits Of Digital Marketing & SEO For HVAC Companies?

Property management marketing has several important dimensions that include everything from spreading word of mouth to an excellent digital marketing strategy. If your approach to online marketing doesn't include helping people get to your website more easily, you're probably missing out on more than one potential client.

You probably know that the top goal of local SEO techniques is improving your ranking for local search queries with methods that boost your domain authority, appeal to search intent, and direct that search volume to your website, but there's also an important underlying goal that drives every SEO machine: revenue growth. Better optimization brings more business.


Are You Ready For These Benefits?

  • Better visibility in SERP features
  • Greater presence on Google Maps
  • More website visitors
  • Lead generation that doesn't use paid ads
  • Positive reviews from all your new clients


What Is Included In Our HVAC Company SEO & Digital Marketing Plan?

Digital Shift has been in business since 2007, and we have spent years developing and adapting local SEO strategies that are specifically designed for home and commercial property services companies just like yours. We know how to fine-tune our strategy to meet your specific needs and get peak performance results from your chimney sweeper SEO plan.


Our digital marketing services for chimney sweep SEO include:

Google My Business Setup & Management

Do you have a Google My Business listing? This is one of the most fundamental aspects of marketing your moving company online. Not only does your GMB listing show up in search engine results, but it's also an excellent resource for customers to learn more about your company.


Customer Reviews Management

One of the greatest assets of your GMB listing is the opportunity for customers to write reviews. This helps you gain valuable insight into the customer experience, while providing an opportunity to manage your brand's reputation by replying to comments and questions. Also, consumers are likely to check out your reviews before making a decision whether to hire you or not.


Google Maps

Your map listing is also an important part of your GMB page. By showing up on Google Maps, you're more easily able to connect with potential customers in your service area. This is beneficial because it helps limit who you're competing with. Rather than competing with all the moving companies in your city or state, you can focus on clients directly in the community you want to serve.


Local On-Page SEO Management

Without SEO, it's almost impossible for companies to compete online. The reality is, your competitors are likely pursuing their own SEO campaigns, so you need to as well—otherwise your website will be lost in the infinite space of the internet. But what does an SEO campaign actually entail?

Essentially, it means optimizing your website so it is user-friendly and deemed worthy by Google. There are certain things Google prefers, such as quick loading times, lots of images and structured content. It also employs “web crawlers” that search websites quickly to pull up relevant content to answer a query. It's important to optimize your content so Google considers it relevant and trustworthy.

A method used by the team at Digital Shift, local SEO makes use of geographically targeted keywords to connect with customers in your area. This limits the amount of competition you have to deal with. Instead of being pulled up in a search result for all moving companies on the internet, you appear in queries targeted for your geographical area. This is a key way to mitigate competitive keyword ranking, and helps boost your organic presence.


Content Marketing

The cornerstone of SEO is content marketing. Not only does content help reinforce brand authority and build trust with your client base, it also helps your website rank on Google's first-page. The search engine likes high-quality content creation, so it's imperative your content—whether a blog post or service page—is well-written, error-free and informative. It also needs to incorporate keywords to appear in search results.


Link Building Campaigns

In Search Engine Optimization, there are two arenas: on-page SEO and off-page SEO. The former includes content marketing and optimizing your online channels—like your website. The latter uses other people's online channels to boost your ranking authority and online presence. The most common method employed in this arena is backlinking. Essentially, this involves placing links to your content on other authoritative websites to highlight that your site is trustworthy.


Linked In Page Setup & Management

One of the most commonly used advertising platforms is Google Ads, also called Google Adwords. This is where you pay Google to rank for a certain search term. Usually, you pay per the amount of clicks you get on your link. The benefit of this campaign is that you'll wind up on the first page, guaranteed.


Facebook Page Setup & Management

Facebook Ads are the advertisements that pop up in your social feed or along the edges of the platform. One of the greatest benefits of Facebook Ads is its ability to hone in on a very specific target market or demographic. This is also useful for retargeting, as you can place your ads directly where your prospects are.


Instagram Page Setup & Management


Why We Are The Best Choice For HVAC Company SEO & Digital Marketing?

When you partner with Digital Shift, you get professional service from a dedicated team that is focused on effective SEO and responsiveness to customers. Your chimney sweep company has the skill and knowledge of chimney sweeping, and we have the expertise to take your digital marketing to new heights. Together, we can build long-term business success.

SEO tends to be a long game, and we're focused on building long-term relationships with our clients to ensure your home inspector SEO success keeps multiplying year after year.


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